Welcome to my website!

Although I have a B. A. in art from the University of Minnesota, I have predominantly worked as a field ornithologist studying and counting birds on various projects throughout the country. I was introduced to birding at an early age by my father, and virtually every day since has been spent either outside experiencing my fascination with birds and the wonder of nature first-hand, or else inside attempting to translate the strong impact of these experiences into my art. Hopefully these paintings will have some of the same impact on the viewers as they have had on me.

These expressive works are clearly more than just paintings of birds. Many of these paintings are based on experiences from early in my life growing up as a birder. I am always looking for repeated patterns within the birds and their habitat, and when painting I often try to blend the birds into the background to show how they are an integral part of their environment. I am also keenly interested in trying to show motion through various elements in the paintings, and have recently been delving into the personality of individual birds in more intimate portraits.

Pease feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. 

Karl Bardon